Melody Bear
Pre School classes

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Melody Movement Early learning introduces children to dance and movement using the natural actions of the body. Melody Bear is a structured syllabus to aid children's physical development, co-ordination, spatial awareness, creativity and self -expression. Melody Bear and her friend Milligan bear  are the focal point of this pre school syllabus. All of their activities, stories and adventures are told through dance and movement.

® Melody Bear and Melody Movement are the registered trade marks of Jill Ewing


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The foundation of technique to all dance styles. 

We follow both the IDTA and Melody movement ballet syllabus'. 
Adult Ballet class also available.

Current classes availble :

Melody Movement for 2-4 year olds.

First Ballet- ages 4-5

Foundation Ballet ages 5-6

IDTA Grade 1 - ages 6-7

IDTA Grade 1 (level 2)- ages 7-9

Tap and Modern

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 We follow both the IDTA and Melody movement syllabi For Tap and Modern 


Current classes availble :

Tip Tap Toe and Groovy moves for 2-4 year olds.

First Tap and Modern- ages 4-5

IDTA Primary Grade- ages 5-7

IDTA Grade 1 - ages 7-9

IDTA Grade 5- Age 13+



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A style of expressive dance that combines elements 

of several dance genres including modernjazzlyrical 

and classical ballet.  

Class available for ages 7+

Street Dance

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One of the most current and up to date forms

of dance. Students have the opportunity to enter IDTA Street Dance exams. 


Classes available:

Street Tots - ages 4-6

Street Minis - ages 7-8

Street Juniors- ages 9-11

Street Seniors - ages 12+ 

Freestyle Disco

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Currently the only school in Jersey teaching  this uptempo fast paced style of dance involving runs, spins, kicks, leaps, basic gymnastics and dance acrobatics.

Classes available:

Primary - ages 6-8

Grade 1 - ages 8-11

Musical Theatre

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Teaching Singing, dancing and Acting skills. Students have the opportunity to enter LAMDA and/or IDTA musical theatre exams.


Classes available:

MT Tots - ages 5-8

MT Juniors - ages 9-12


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Build confidence and performance skills with team building, improvisation and Acting techniques. Students have the opportunity to enter LAMDA examinations.   

Classes available:

Drama and Singing  ages 4-7

Drama- ages 7-16 (part of our Saturday school)


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Group and Private lessons available. Learn Pop/Rock and Musical Theatre techniques. 

Studnets have the opportunity to enter their Trinity Pop singing exams or LAMDA Musical Theatre exams. 

Drama and Singing- ages 4-7

Group singing- ages 7-16 (part of our Saturday school)

Private weekly or bi weekly lessons- age 5+

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