Terms and Conditions


  1. A one time £40 returnable deposit is charged on your first invoice.

  2. Fees are paid either termly in advance OR monthly via standing order.

  3. Fees not paid by the given deadline may incur a 5% surcharge. 

  4. The Principal has the right to exclude a child until fees are paid.

  5. The Principal has the right to increase fees. As much notice as possible will be given to all parents/ guardians.

  6. Extra lessons will have a set fee.

  7. All extra lessons must be paid for by the deadline given. Failure to pay for these lessons may result in removal from competitions or exam. 

  1. Pupils are expected to be punctual to their classes and dressed accordingly.

  2. The Principal reserves the right to exclude any pupil from classes due to bad behaviour.

  3. Parents/ guardians will be given half a term's notice to any updates or changes to the timetable. 

  4. Withdrawal from any classes must be given in WRITING to the Principal. We ask for half a term’s notice if a pupil will not be continuing with a class. Therefore a withdrawal notice must be received by the last class of the half- term before the preceding term

  5. From September 2019 - The Principal will honour 5 weeks notice with £30 of deposit being re paid and £20 for 4 weeks notice as we acknowledge 6 weeks notice may not always be possible. 

  6. Withdrawal notice from class once the new term has already started will require half a terms notice to be paid in full and unfortunately no deposit will be refunded. 

  7. Any class missed by a pupil will not be refunded. 

  8. If a teacher  is unavailable to teach or if a venue is not available for a scheduled class for any reason, and a cover teacher/new venue cannot be arranged, the class will be rescheduled for another date. If this is not possible for us to reschedule,  the price of that class will be refunded or credited to your account.

  9. Extra lessons are compulsory for any pupil taking part in exams/ competitions.


  1. The Principal accepts no responsibility for any items lost or damaged by the pupil, whether inside the classroom or in the dressing rooms.

  2. The Principal does not provide supervision nor accept responsibility for any pupil other than during the course of any class or rehearsal. Parents/Guardians remain responsible for their children at all other times before and after the class/rehearsal.

  3. ​Parents/Guardians MUST advise the Principal to ANY medical conditions that the pupil has. All medical conditions must be written on the pupils registration form. Any updates must be given in writing. 

  4. JLPA will do their upmost to create a safe environment for all of its pupils. Our teachers are fully trained, however, parents/ guardians must be aware of the risks that may occur in taking part in dance classes. Like any physical activity, there is always a risk of physical injury. Parents/guardians must agree to hold JLPA or any of its staff blameless in any such event.

  5. In a case of illness or injury. JLPA will make every reasonable effort to contact the parent/guardian immediately. However, if unavailable or precluded due to an acute emergency the school will secure emergency medical care for the child and provide a safe environment.

  6. Pupils will be picked for private performances/ dance exams/ compition teams at the teacher(s) discretion.
Child Protection 
  1. Some physical contact with students from the teaching faculty will be necessary to help students with correct technique and body alignment and to avoid injury. 

  2. All members of staff at JLPA will have an up to date and clean police check.